Commission Gorilla

If making commissions from promoting other people’s
products is part of your business model, I have
found a way that could double or triple your
earnings with the same traffic you send to the offer.

No matter what you’re promoting, you need to add
value by differentiating yourself from other
marketers online.

You see….Affiliates who offer reviews, trust and
added value make up to five times more money than
those who don’t. Yeah….Five times.

Though it seems easy to earn commission via affiliate
marketing, the key to getting more out it is to add
value with a bonus to the prospects.

Problem is creating these bonus pages is a huge pain
in the neck. Creating affiliate promotion pages took
forever… at least if you want it done right.

I have tried doing it the conventional way….It just
took way too long. There’s too much coding involved.
And when I was all done, the page look so amateurish
that it was not attractive at all.

Without design skills, you would then need deep pockets
to hire a kick-ass designer.

Because it took so long to get it done, the worst part
of it is that when you finished creating these
affiliate promotion pages, all the other affiliates have
scooped up the commissions!!

But here is the good news. I came across Commission Gorilla,
a software that makes creating affiliate promotion pages
a whole lot easier.

It makes it “point and click” easy to create the sexiest
promotion pages you’ve ever seen.

And the best part is that it does all incredibly fast.
What used to take me hours to create now takes just minutes.

The other thing is that these pages are completely
customizable with just a few clicks of your mouse.
Commission Gorilla allows you to drag and drop in bonus
products, images, videos, call to action buttons.

So is Commission Gorilla worth a shout?

Yes for sure…. if earning money through promoting
other people’s stuff is part of your business strategy.

Don’t take my word for it.

There is a demo video on the web site that demonstrate
how easy and quick it is to get your promo page up and
running with this ninja tool.

Add this awesome software to your marketing arsenal and
don’t be surprised if you find yourself amongst the
affiliate leaderboard in the future.

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